MpNT: A Multi-Precision Number Theory Package

Number Theoretical Algorithms (I), Technical Report TR03-02


Authors: F. L. Ţiplea, S. Iftene, C. Hriţcu, I. Goriac, R. Gordân, E. Erbiceanu
Published: Faculty of Computer Science, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi (2003)

Description: This technical report is the first in a series of papers dedicated to the design of the MpNT library. It has two goals. First, it discusses some basic number theoretic algorithms that have been implemented so far, as well as the structure of the library. The second goal is to have a companion to the courses Algebraic Foundations of Computer Science, Coding Theory and Cryptography, and Security Protocols, where most of the material of this paper has been taught and students were faced with the problem of designing efficient implementations of cryptographic primitives and protocols. From this point of view we have tried to prepare a self-contained paper. No specific background in mathematics or programming languages is assumed, but a certain amount of maturity in these fields is desirable. Due to the detailed exposure, the paper can accompany well any course on algorithm design or computer mathematics.

Designing a Multi-Precision Number Theory Library


Authors: C. Hriţcu, I. Goriac, R. Gordân, E. Erbiceanu.
Published: International Scientific Journal of Computing. (2003)

Abstract: The aim of this paper is twofold. First, we present the basic principles and point out the main difficulties in writing a library supporting operations with arbitrarily large numbers. Aspects such as library structure, number representation, algorithm selection, memory management, etc., are discussed and exemplified on the most efficient libraries developed. Secondly, we present work in progress regarding the design of a new multiprecision library, MpNT. Comparisons between our library and the existing ones show that it achieves high performance.